If you’re looking to buy a luxury wine cooler, then there are quite a few choices on the market. However, with limited space, you’re going to want to narrow down the search. As well as that, you’re going to want to decide between a freestanding wine cooler, and a built-in one. Let’s take a look at what might best suit your wine cooling needs.

What type of wine cooler best suits your needs

There are two types of wine coolers – freestanding wine coolers, and built-in wine coolers. Freestanding wine coolers have the benefit of being portable and easy to set up, whilst built-in wine coolers can easily be concealed in your cupboard or cabinet. However, you want a small wine fridge that won’t leave you cramped for space.

Freestanding wine coolers can come in very space-efficient sizes – 6 bottle capacity wine coolers can sit on your countertop. A built-in wine cooler, however, can fit in your kitchen cabinet – if you have room in the cabinet, that is. Both of these are a great fit if you’re looking to save space. If you’ve got room vertically, then freestanding wine coolers will beat in-built ones any day – as tall, yet slim, freestanding wine coolers can house as many as 152 bottles in some models.

Convenience wise, the freestanding wine cooler wins by a mile. Simply place it wherever you want, plug it in, and you’re done. If you’re doing a deep clean, unplug it and move it elsewhere for a while. With a built-in wine cooler, you do not have such luxury.

Luxurious wine cooler brands

There are several wine coolers brands that can be considered high-end, or luxurious. One such premium wine cooler brand is Dunavox. Dunavox specialises in freestanding wine coolers, designed to impress and last. The majority of wine coolers they offer have a high capacity – ranging from 100, to 194 bottles. This means they do require a little space, but it’s their height that allows for such large capacity. Many of their coolers are also freestanding/built-in hybrids. They come with a premium price tag however, averaging at $2,700. It’s worth it through – the reviews are excellent, and the brand has a long history.

Another luxury wine cooler brand to look at is Swisscave. Swisscave offers smaller luxury wine coolers, such as 35 bottle capacity ones – however, even these come with a premium price tag, with the WL120F model clocking in at $1,200. This is the best you’re going to get though, considering the quality and space efficiency. If you’re looking for something bigger, then Swisscave offers a 152-bottle model – at $3,700.


Finding a conservative luxury wine cooler is rather challenging – however, it is more than possible. Be it a freestanding wine cooler for your countertop, or a built-in wine cooler for your cabinet – it’s up to your preference. Just remember that luxury comes with a prestigious price tag – but you pay for quality.